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Wednesday, March 25th 2015, 6:01pm



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[PMB] Bonor Ranged PvE scout guide

Bonor's Ranged PvE Scout guide

Who am i?

What's up people! My name is Matt or Bonor

I'm 20 years old and I've been playing this game for the past 3 years. Throughout my Allods carreer i have played a few classes but mainly scout. Why scout? you may ask! Reason is simple, when i play videogames i always like the challenge and when i first started playing Allods, scouts were not what they are today. So i picked that class up for the challenge it would offer me. Alright its time do get down to the reason why we are really here!


In PvE like in PvP, Scouts role is pretty simple. It's a Ranged or Melee class with the main purpose of DPS. They also have a few CC's like caltrops, tanquil arrow and precise arrow.


With the new update a few things changed for PvE scouts.

1st- The new ruby set Ammuniton. After shooting an Enchanted arrow, with a 15/30 and 45% chance another arrow of the same type appears in the quiver. So basically with these rubies your chance of running out of arrows in the middle of a fight is alot lower.

2nd- The increase of Tesla arrow cooldown to 10seconds.

3rd- Destructive shot rubies reducing the Tesla arrow cooldown by 10/20 and 30% bringning the Tesla arrow to a 7 seconds cooldown.

These are the main changes affecting the Ranged PvE ascpect of Scouts.


For this build, i am using 72 talent points and 64 rubies.




Single target rotation: Ranging fire -> Incendiary Arrow -> Double shot -> Intuitive Shot -> Tesla -> Explosive shot
* Repeat until you get to 8 stacks of the Under Aim effect. Once those 8 stacks use Finishing shot then go back to the rotation.

AoE Rotation: Caltrops -> Rain of Arrow -> Tesla -> Explosive shot
If your targets are not easilly killed, use Incendiary arrow on them.
After your AoE rotation is done, go back to your single target rotation while keeping an eye on your Rain of Arrow. Use it when you can.

To be more efficient, i suggest binding some skills to your mouse. For example, i have my Caltrops, Rain of Arrow and my Explosive shot. This way you do your AoE rotation without having to move anything.
Also, use your bag of tricks at the beginning of long fights. And for your onslaught, i personally only use it if i need to kite or need to avoid stuff on the ground.

Reincarnation skill
I personally use Adrenaline Rush from the warrior. Since i seemed to always run out of energy this ability allows me to extend my rotaion further without having to stop my energy to get back up.


Offensive :
-Proficiency : 90+
-Brutality : 45-50
-Determination: 6-9

Defensive :
-Vitality : 70+
-Willpower : 5-10
-Bloodlust : 20-40
-Tenacity : 15

For PvE i suggest using a luck and vitality elixir and a proficiency potion.


Well, i hope some of you found this little guide helpful! Keep in mind i know my build isn't the best but hopefully you can use it as guidelines and discover whatever build fits your gameplay better


Suck my Bonor !


Wednesday, March 25th 2015, 6:11pm


Wednesday, March 25th 2015, 6:52pm



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Nice and simple explanation for PvE needs.
Best of luck.


Wednesday, March 25th 2015, 11:01pm


Thursday, March 26th 2015, 5:05pm

Very nicely put good sir a good build to please the crowd. Helping those that are on their road to becoming new scouts or trying to perfect themselves into a better scout. thanx for the info good sir.

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