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Wednesday, June 10th 2015, 4:11am

making ticket dosn`t work

Hey everyone!
I want to report one player for violent behavior but when i try to create ticket it gives me some error.Is there any other way to do this report because i kinda sick of him to insult me everywhere he see me


Thursday, June 11th 2015, 12:59pm

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Try cleaning cache and cookies, or a different browser, for some people that works. Otherwise, u could try pming a CM about your problem.
PS: If u use adblockers, disable them if nothing else works, sometimes here i can't see news with it on, so maybe happens something similar with tickets


Thursday, June 11th 2015, 2:47pm



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According to this thread, it was a temporary issue :).

I close this one, and let the other one opened if anyone is still having problem.
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