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Wednesday, August 26th 2015, 10:49pm

Returning player

Oi friends i wask know as Crusoebg former member of Valiance and RidersOfTheLostGuilds any 1 from those guilds still around?


Thursday, August 27th 2015, 12:17am



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I've seen you around before - you were a warrior, correct?


Thursday, August 27th 2015, 1:57pm



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Some ex-Valiance members still play, mostly on imp side... and some in Warsong and in other guilds on league side. There are a handful of us still keeping Valiance alive but we can't make within guild raids/dominion etc activity. I can somewhat remember your toon name but have pretty much forgotten who you were in person.

Never-the-less, welcome back :)
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