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Tuesday, November 24th 2015, 6:43pm



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Banned for 2 Weeks For No Reason

I've been trying to keep patient and calm on this, but I've now been banned for 12 days for no reason and the shocking way this company is handling tickets makes it impossible to not be angry.

So you know the details - my account was banned 12 days ago because my bank denied a credit card payment to for Boutique Crystals and raised a fraud flag against the transaction. No Crystals were given and the transaction was voided. I went into my bank, explained all was good and the very same day made a new transaction without problems. I even bought more crystals with the same card the following week, also without problems. A week later I was banned for possible fraud transactions because of the first failed transaction.

The fact that I made 2 purchases AFTER this failure clearly shows that both my bank AND are happy that everything is fine and the problem was resolved.

In spite of this, I've had my account banned for almost 2 weeks.

It's a pretty easy thing to clear up, and it should have taken a few days maximum. However, my tickets aren't even being read. That's the disgusting thing about this. I've had a ticket waiting all this time for a reply that hasn't even been looked at - yes I forwarded my ticket number to a CM (I won't say who). He replied to my mail 6 days later and said to just keep checking my mail. I replied to that mail 6 days ago and he hasn't bothered replying yet, so no help there.

Its ridiculous that I'm banned for this in the first place. Its stupid that all it would take to clear me is to look at transaction records. But what's worse is that its just taking so long - not because it's a complicated case - but because there is no one even looking into it. The most I've had after all this time waiting is an automated response from the ticket service thanking me for my patience.

Well I don't really care about being thanked for patience - what I want is for someone to do something about it. 4 years of playing this game with no troubles at all with following the rules and I get banned for topping up and then utterly ignored by the Support staff.



Tuesday, November 24th 2015, 6:52pm



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I've never run into anything as poor as the support system that whoever you want to say...has. It's to the point where it isn't even funny making fun of it anymore because it's actually sad.
If this game had some form of support that didn't take anywhere between 21-50 days to get a response...that would be a good start.
There is a multitude of other issues right now, but the support is so horrid, it makes all the other issues seem almost negligible.

Good luck OP with your ticket, I hope they unban you sooner rather than later.


Tuesday, November 24th 2015, 8:33pm

Should give more attention and solve more polls tickets because we were deprived of playing without proper evidence and when you solve quickly gets up standing still. Improve efficiency and give more attention to the User would be great
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Tuesday, November 24th 2015, 8:35pm


Each time there is an issue with payment, it is, as you said, flagged as fraud and the account is banned until the problem is solved.
Unfortunatly, that can take a lot of time to check if it is an intentionnal fraud or an payment issue with your bank.

Mods have your ticket IDs, we'll pass it again to our CM and explain your situation.

We're sorry for the inconvenience.

I have to close this thread, as support ticket can't be discussed on the forum.
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