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Tuesday, February 16th 2016, 9:12pm

allods only carries 82% and some characters are gone

?( ?( ?( ?( ?( ?( ?( :( :( :( :( :( :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: ?( ?(

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Tuesday, February 16th 2016, 9:32pm



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I don't understand.


Wednesday, February 17th 2016, 12:33am


You are still downloading the game (is it a fresh installation of the client ?)
Your character will appear once the game is fully downloaded.

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Friday, February 19th 2016, 4:11am

same here for months already .... on my part i would like to believe its because
1. i am using an old pc
ddr 2 spec pc,with only 2 gb ram, with videocard (not onboard)
I still remember i can multi task while playing allod (even after merge and migrating to, now i cant do it now, allods eats lots of
mem. i sometimes have to disable several process running,
of course graphics is set at lowest resolution...
2, net is sometimes slow... though my met is a lot slower then when it was still with NA

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