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support build

i made a build support but i dont know if it is good or bad i need someone to chek it out!4!313..3…e/SUD!a/TJPRCRC


Would suggest not taking violate infection and plague of mending and use the talents for r3 blood ties and one of your tear abilites instead. In doing this only take r2 ritual of pain as you don't need the violate infection and costs less blood which you need to use howl. with your spare rubie from taking off r3 ritual of pain id suggest putting it into either seething blood or r2 blood ritual. But that's just my prefence if it's working for you atm then that's all that matters, hope this helps somewhat -Raqe


- Raqe (FateOfOneNation) :love:




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Support necromancer sucks. If you want to really support roll an engineer.


well its just called support^^ its not rrly supporting much but rather it a 1 man army^^


well its just called support^^ its not rrly supporting much but rather it a 1 man army^^

not sure if summy is not supporting

in standard supp build u deal a lot of aoe stun / vunerability / weakness which is decreasing tmg taken / increase dmg done to whole party :P

bdw there is another supp build summy who can on the other hand offheal / protect whole party while dpsing


well ofc you got a few buffs but compared to a lets say engi or bard the diffrence is gigantic :D thats why i only consider both of them as real supp

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