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Thursday, March 23rd 2017, 7:51pm

Dragon Treasures

God, this game makes celebrations worse and worse each year, don't they?

People who did not have lightning bolt were being agonized in tropical atoll? We got winter atoll also try to farm that.
Last anniversary event was slow because you had to wait that big brawler priden every 5 minutes or so for a gold coin? Well now you have the super slow dragon minigame grind.

I gave up, this game is not learning how to event at all, so I will give you a few examples...

First of all, why not give a gold coin to every participating team because minigame overextension in a battle-based game simply is a nuisance. If we wanted minigames we would play minigames. And a platinum coin would be an additional reward for the winning team.

For farming creeps out there (or heavy-farmers being the name they prefer) increasing drop rates for coins (yeah that includes platinum) in all events would be a good start too, that would actually heat the pvp in kingdom of elements as a secondary effect because people having no respect for people below 5 runes to they interrupt their farm mostly but that is not my problem so I will skip that part, just wanted to make you know that those players also exist.

Also a npc here and there is not called an event, what is an event? Well here are the answers:

-The dragon island being a single player dungeon infested with 2 creatures: hatchlings and elders. Hatchlings are your usual mobs which scale to your level and gear like distortions, and elders being the one-shotters which you are supposed to hide. Also some mechanics from the pirate islands before Umoir questline would be very welcome such as silencing the hatchling before it calls the elders and that sort. Then maybe stealing treasures would be fun.

-A minigame that rewards no trickery would be welcome, when you give the option to sabotage people everyone relies on that. I find sabotaging the enemy treasure to be success because no one can really stop me. They blind me? I will pick another treasure and 1 person and maybe more people if you are good will always have to wait for me or get stalled to prevent me from stealing something. Things like that are a success with battlefield cannons because they need minor tactical decisions and battling to get the hang over it but this is different, this is entirely a minigame and should not reward playing dirty once upon a time. Even the stunning move from last year's anniversary (which you relied on winning) is called dirty trick, I do not judge. I leave the other players to judge that part.

-Rewards are too low, which leads the event forcing the players to spam the event with no fun whatsoever because losing would discourage people. In moba games, for example since they nearly have the same principle of being reliant on wins for higher spoils. The losing team always have 2 or 3 people that need to have a break but that does not occur the winning team because of one thing: demoralization. If you lose here, you must simply try your luck like 150 times to get the gears from this event. It is not fun, it is agonizing the playerbase. I would suggest 1 bronze coin for each loot brought, and 1 silver for each of your own returned gear, 1 gold for each participating team just for joining the play and 1 platinum to each of the winning team, that would make things faster, and without agonizing people that much.

I leave this here and invite players to state their thoughts about this event. My thoughts exactly aren't positive.


Thursday, March 23rd 2017, 11:26pm

Let me get this straight you are complaining about a completely optional mini-game that provides you with a completely free currency in order to gain vanity items and such completely free. this is your honest to goodness reason to have a gripe. thats what you are saying? because allods gave us another option to gain vanity items you complain this is an unbelievable level of petty.


Friday, March 24th 2017, 10:46am

This mini game is so fun. The problem is that you are just playing for the loot.

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