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Monday, June 12th 2017, 9:16pm

Coliseum Games

The new dailies at the Coliseum gave me a few ideas:

Air Triathlon Cup:

Before i enter the Air Triathlon the first time, i magine it would be some game similar to those of Harry Potter, quidditch.

I think with only a few changes it could be a fun pvp game, like goblinball.

The game

Instead of 5 rings, there would be 2, one at each side. Could be more, for example 2 or 3 at each side too. Each team would score at the oposite side.

Players can catch the balls, and score, but also can block and use the balls to knock down the members of the oposite team.

The team that score more when the time ends, win.


The buttons for "fly" and "dash" would be the same.

Catch the ball: some changes: this button would be used to catch the ball, pass it to another player (this is optional) and to score on the rings. When the ball is thrown like this, the enemies can catch it in the air with the same button. This button could have all this functions bcs the players would be able to carry only one ball: so, when they catch one, the button would change its use.

Throw the ball: the current button to throw the ball could be used to throw it to a member of the oposite team, if the ball hit them, it would knock them down and make them lose the ball (if they have any). When the ball is thrown in this way, it can't be stopped but can't score either.


Catch a blue ball: 1 point
Catch a yellow ball: 10 points

Score with a blue ball: 5 points
Score with a yellow ball: 15 points

Hit the enemy with a blue ball: 1 point, +1 point if they had a blue ball, or +10 points if they had a yellow ball
Hit the enemy with a yellow ball: 5 points, +5 points if they had a blue ball, or +15 points if they had a yellow ball

This is all, feel free to improve this idea or post other ideas for the coliseum games. Also, this idea isn't about replace what we have, but to add other events using the coliseum games.

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Tuesday, June 13th 2017, 1:10pm



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good idea, could be really fun ;) though it's clearly not the priority in this game to work on minigames like this imo...


Tuesday, June 13th 2017, 10:13pm

I like the idea, BUT
1 - isn't it against the law or something, copying something from the movie wich is covered by copyrights?
2 - it wouldn't work so well imo, because it would suffer the same problem goblinball had, the difference in pings and all that continental/time related stuff (people in one country/continent would be ahead over people in another country/continent) - 1 player threw the ball to score and the other one tried to block him by floating(?) in front of him. If player one has better ping he's going to win, obviously.

I mean the idea is fine, but it would be hard to execute it in the way it would work properly imo. I really like it though, as almost every idea posted here, moreover i encourage to send this idea within the ticket as a feedback to developers and see if they will implement it. ( :thumbsup:


Wednesday, June 14th 2017, 2:31pm

I don't think there would be problems with "1", the game is different. About "2", i can agree with that, and i always have those problems with all kinds of pvp, small differences in time can define who win and who lose.

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