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Thursday, January 12th 2017, 9:11am



gearing up via Ship Combat & default combat

So I decided to make this because I'm a real astral ship addict.
After exploring around, reading, checking stuff, I found that by doing Astral hunts (killing demons in astral with a crew on an astral ship), you can get the same rewards (easy sector) as doing astral skirmish wise.
My concern here is that compared timewise, the Astral hunting isn't as efficient as astral skirmishing is. I'd actually love to see it to be perhaps between the efficiency rate of easy sectors and hard sectors since getting the right people that know how to cooperate as a team on a ship would give some more difficulty instead of ez afking easy sectors with mercs for the same rewards as astral hunting.

some information:
A ship cargo has a load of 20 chests when returning to the hangar, this rewards with 127 nuggets + 20 if you took the DAILY quest.
Visor 30% dmg skill has a 2m cd, farming most efficiently (only white demons with some purple demons to fill in the cooldown time, white demons give as much as 1 chest), it takes about 40minutes (white demons take a while to respawn too, considering finding a good hub with several whites in it...takes another 5m searching).

Compared to ez afking with mercs in s3, it takes easily maximum about 25-30mins to do a full run, agian, you get the same rewards.

A s3 run gives 5 chests (4 bosses, last boss gives double) for ~30mins.
Astral hunt gives 127 nuggets/15 nuggets per chest(blue currently, more for higher colors(not ingame yet)) , gets you 8.4 chests.

The Astral Hunt was timed with a very good crew, no isseus, smooth kills, no time loss considered.

Point of this:
I'd love to see an equality change happening to make the astral more relevant back to the game because the MOST ORIGINAL CONTENT IN ALL OF ALLODS is disappearing of the everyday gameplay :((



Thursday, January 12th 2017, 1:33pm

I use to go to astral adventures long ago when the cap was in the 40's and i loved it. Recently i did a few runs but only with 2-3 people on board, isn't the same.

The "astral skirmish" are very nice, but i agree that improve the astral adventures would be great.

-Must think about the time that takes to do this kind of run. Atm one must do many things in the game to gear up and have a reasonable amount of gold for hammers and other stuff. I think a way to do that would be to take in account what we need to craft gear and provide those things: like dust, combat mats and amalgams (i don't know if you can get all that alredy bcs i don't go there).

-Implement the search function for this kind of activity could be nice. Mostly for the people without many people to play with, it would help to gather the players and then they can make their own parties if they wish.

-An incentive to go to an astral adventure could be to get the chance of higher tier items, like in the old times. So, you go to a "blue sector", for example, and have a small chance to also get purple items when defeat stronger enemies.


Thursday, January 12th 2017, 1:53pm

give us singleplayer ships and i will spend a HUGE load of time with these things many other players

just put all the functions of the ship in the regular skillbar when controling the ship

finding ppl coordinating them etc is just too much effort


Thursday, January 12th 2017, 3:15pm



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give us singleplayer ships and i will spend a HUGE load of time with these things many other players

just put all the functions of the ship in the regular skillbar when controling the ship

finding ppl coordinating them etc is just too much effort
Your solution to the most unique mechanic of this game being obsoleted... is to completely gut the entire mechanic and turn it into a glorified battle armor? No sir, I do not think you are on the right track at all. Additionally, the range of what an astral ship can do is simply too large to be simplified in that manner. I could see you combining the visor and scanner controls or adding the engine boost controls to the helm. But you can't combine both the helm and the visor together, there's simply too much to do at one time. Cannons and artillery also have to be their own controls due to how they function and the fact each cannon has its own particular firing arc. For a properly functioning ship, you need at least three people working together in coordination, even if you combined some controls. And really, you'd likely need more than that to handle using all of your firepower properly. Then you have to deal with boarding ships as well.

What you're proposing would only be doable by adding a completely different type of ship to the game, something along the lines of a small destroyer compared to the larger galleon design of the standard astral ship. While this could be done, it's yet another layer to deal with in balancing, would likely add MORE difficulty for you when it came to using them for astral farming, and goes against the entire concept of the game being multiplayer-focused. And for what? People aren't going to suddenly come out in droves to become astral ship experts. People are barely willing to invest the time in learning how to play their own class, let alone learn a completely new series of mechanics and start thinking in three dimensions. Even dedicated players are less likely to do that because it's a wildly different skill set. So you either have to give a convincing enough carrot to make them do it, force them to do it whether they like it or not, or cater to the widest audience by making the entire thing extraneous.

I think we've already seen which option Allods Team has chosen. It's a shame, too, because everything originally worked together in harmony quite well and promoted some exciting emergent gameplay. Having to guess which hub you would jump to next was kinda bullshit a lot of times, but once they fixed that everything was gravy.
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Thursday, January 12th 2017, 5:50pm

Well, there could be a lot of things that could be done.

Have different types of ships could be nice: i always liked the idea of a guild astral ship (like Eclipse) which could carry small ships (like the save boats but with cannons). Ofc, to have different types of ship there should be a variety of content made for them: the smallest could be used to farm the less powerful enemies, middle ones (the ones we have) for all the other content, and the guild one (big one) to assist the rest in raids or big scale combat.

For pvp could have something like which hollow but with ships: have small fortified allods with cannons and shields to defend and ships to go there and destroy the defenses, and also fight the enemy's ships. For for that the ships should be given by the game (all the same).

In any case, atm the best they could do is small changes to make the astral more appealing, take in account the time it takes to do things and the variety of things one do outside of the astral to put it in pair with them. Tbh, i don't go there not only bcs i don't have a team but bcs to do things outside is less time consuming and a more efficient way to get things done.


Friday, January 13th 2017, 8:40am



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Trouble is, they took all these ideas and put them in their other game ... having even a slight part of Cloud Pirates merged into Allods to bring back the glory of sailing in astral would be totally awesome. Sadly I don't see it happen at all :(


Monday, February 6th 2017, 12:36am

I am truly addicted to the mechanics of the ships on this game, but I see that this mechanic is not being used very well by the developers, actually seems it get worse with each major upgrade, In the past I used to do the ship travels by myself, I did trade routes, kill some monsters in the astral, and collected a good amount of gold collecting parts of ship's hull and going in anomalous sectors every day, in update 7.0 I noticed that the astral became very difficult, really hard to do alone, but still I could do and did a lot of times, however In this last update became impossible to do even with more people on the ship, the astral monsters become very strong, and they are in great quantity in the maps, I saw the ship parts disappear from the auction, and it is even harder to improve the ship for this reason ... Adding to the fact that every major update you Will need to restart the fight for your gear from zero and this is extremely annoying and tiring, because the system used to improve gear is always the same, do astral allods million Of times to get things to craft a better gear, well what I see is that the ships are rotting in the hangar, the auction of ship parts is empty and the guilds are emptying because the People are tired of having to rebuild their gear, mazes and ships on every upgrade ....I gave up to rebuild my gear, I dit it half purpple and half blue and leave it like that, my ship is rotten in the hangar, unused since the last update, and my maze still there waiting for the next update clear it all...They are killing allods slowing....Sadly.

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Monday, February 6th 2017, 9:27am



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They could make the endgame raids on astral Allods that can only be reached by ship. Then you would really have to go through a lot in order to get the best gear. This would make the gearing process much more fun and you would get the whole astral ship experience again.
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Monday, February 6th 2017, 12:59pm

Yes, there should be many activities:

-Be able to get gear like we do in the astral skirmish. Maybe with a chance to get the improved parts we get on the hard sectors.

-Raids: would be great to fight raid bosses in the astral.

-PvP: don't need to be too creative, just apply the same kind of pvp we have but with ships.

But the most importan thing would be to add this activities to the search function. Search for a party willing to go is the most difficult thing. (This apply also for all the current raids).


Wednesday, February 8th 2017, 11:42am

I would keep current astral (through search window) how it is.

I would also return old way of going to astral allods manually, with possiblity to lose chests in PvP during return, how it was in old days.
To reward people for extra effort and taking the risk I would increase rewards from those chests gained through normal manual flight. 50% more parts per key spent, if you go manually compared to going though instant search interface.


Friday, February 10th 2017, 1:29am

Thats a nice Idea about 50% more parts per key on a old style astral , they must do the astral ships useful for something, and they need to do the astral a bit easyer, Most players do not have a full party to control the ship, they have to do it alone, I am well in favor of monsters in less number and weaker in the astral. That should get people out of the rewards. Most players do not have a full party to control the ship, they have to do it alone, I am well in favor of monsters in less number and weaker in the astral. That should get people come out for the rewards. My guild unfortunately ended, more than 50 players in the beginning, all stopped, on this week left the last. Everyone left the game because the game became boring and repetitive, and I that still hoped that the astral getting easier to use my ship again, I will also stop because the future will be very predictable, the astral still more difficult for ships and again all the equipment reset and all that work to redo equipment and maze needs to be done again. I get tired of imagining it ..: s


Friday, February 10th 2017, 1:12pm

Or maybe they could follow a different direction and add a different kind of keys for the astral adventures. This way people would have reasons to go there to get extra parts and gear.

And about the increase of difficulty each patch. I agree, is alredy hard as it is, add that to an activity that not many people do, make it even less atractive. I think they could have a system of layers like in the old days: from easier sectors to hardder ones, same as the "astral skirmishes".

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