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May Holidays: 2017

Dear Sarnaut,
Tired of the cold winter and slushy spring weather? Don't worry! The month of May is destined to bring warm days to the citizens of the League and Empire, who are already preparing picnic baskets to be enjoyed in the sun alongside friends and family. Even Yasker and Aidenus are composing warm speeches to give to their people, in the hopes of encouraging everyone to perform good deeds in the name of their country!
Does the thought of sunbathing with a tasty barbeque, in-between performing heroic deeds in the name of your faction, appeal to you? If so, don't miss out on the bright and breezy May Holidays - which is active between the 1st and the 31st of May!

During this time, players of level 20 and higher will be able to take the time to enjoy a well deserved rest in the sun before performing heroic deeds to receive festive gifts.

The Holiday Committee will also be willing to trade Anniversary coins for very special May Holiday goods, from Proof of Exploits to festive holiday costumes! The most important of all, however, is the Victorious Banner which is sold by Silanity Vinegarov and Timur Kefirin!

When the banner is used, you are marked with a 24 hour buff indicating they are ready to perform heroic deeds. While active, players who slay mobs may drop a gift box “Gift of May”.

While the buff is active you may eat meat to increase the probability of receiving a Gift of May box, the probability of this buff depends on which type of meat that you consume for example if you eat meat that is well-done it will give you a 100% chance to drop the boxes and decreasing the drop chance for eating overdone or even raw meat. Meat can be cooked by extracting the items from the Gift of May boxes, specifically the spices that are required to cook well-done meat, or purchasing the items from the vendors Silantiy Vinegarov/Timur Kefirin. This can be cooked on a brazier that can be used everywhere excluding the capitals. Feeling generous? Meat that you cook can be either consumed by just you or shared with your friends!

Gift of May boxes can contain “Proof of Exploits”, though the chance of this varies depending on if you consumed cooked meat or not. Whilst killing other players will not yield Gifts of May (boxes), there is still a chance they’ll drop “Proof of Exploits”. These are the currency that can be used to purchase style items from the celebration vendors.

You can also purchase “Guest of Honor Papers” – these will issue you with a quest which involves listening to a speech from the head of your faction and collecting 400 “Proof of Exploits”, which can be exchanged for 1 honorary medal. These medals can be used to purchase unique style items from the celebration vendors.

We hope you enjoy the sunshine, delicious food and festive activities of the May Holidays!
-The Allods Team

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What happened to all the CM's posting the stuff? They seemed to have disappeared lol.


Lol this is outdated version of this event, @AOMUTE you posted older version of event, what a fail!
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Shellerowski - Empire - New Frontier

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