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Monday, July 31st 2017, 11:09am

Multi-guide be Noah for newbies

Hello, I'm Noah i play this game as Engineer over 3-4y and i want give you some tips, wchose will help you for better start in game, also i will try made this guide in friendly looking form, and much posible ez to learn it, so enjoy

1. Word History

"A thousand years ago, the Great Cataclysm split the world of Sarnaut into innumerable islands – called allods – which spread throughout the Astral. Their inhabitants learned to live in this new world by traveling the Astral in special ships. Shortly after, a war errupted between old-time enemies – the League and the Empire – both vying for power over the new world, resulting in bloody battles on allods and large-scale fights in the Astral that never cease. The cataclysm allowed adventurers and cutthroats to thrive on the chaos of war and profit from undiscovered treasures of the Astral, yet nobody knows that the real catastrophe is still yet to come..."

2. Beginning

Before start a game you have 3 servers in whos you can start play

a) New Frontier -> It's old f2p Server with many experience players who have most of cs items ane hight runes, if you want play with more ppl, and it's not problem for you to be carryed from another ppl, here exist gold to cirstals and cistals to gold exchanger, so you can farm some cristals be changing gold farmed in game

b) Equilibrium -> It's new f2p Server, with slowly building poplarity, for start you get temporary items for 1 month, who will help you and boost alot in gameplay, also for 31d yet server have on tons of bonus like x2 more Experiece and etc, so if you want start game i recomand you do it here, for enjoy adventure with meeting game and after reach 75lv chose did you want play on him, or start play again in New Frontier, becose Equilibrium not have option to change cristals for gold and gold for cristals, so to get ome cristal you need pay or buy cristals from another players

c) Smugglers paradise -> it's old p2p Server, you pay for subsrciption here to play, this server not have boutick, if you want try be top player, and play with small friendly community go start there, i was hered you have 1-2 guilds in both sides who will take care about you and help

3. Chosing Fraction

Ok Ok, i was chosed server, what to do now you old Engi ?(

Now you have 3 fractions whos you can chose to start play

-> Kanians are rightfully known as one of the mightiest races of Sarnaut, bearing the history of thousands of years of endless battles on their shoulders. Though they are not as strongly-built as Orcs or Pridens, their military education and unwavering faith in the Light often lead them to victory even when vastly outnumbered.

-> Gibberlings always travel in threes. It is safer and more fun this way – for if one falls, their brother or sister are always there to help! Brave and resilient adventurers, they poke their noses into every corner of Sarnaut, never missing an opportunity to battle the Empire along the way! It’s no surprise that their resourcefulness led to so many important discoveries, such as Astral travel.

-> Elves are probably the most remarkable creatures of Sarnaut, evoking very contradictory opinions and attitudes towards them by other races. Wise sorcerers and eccentric venturers, extraordinary scientists and capricious wastrels… Their great power can only be compared to their great levity. However, they are not to be underestimated – as Elves are devoted to the League and show no mercy to their enemies!

-> Xadaganians have gone a long way from a feeble nomadic tribe to the strongest nation of Sarnaut. The Empire was built upon the principles of general equality, common benefits and prosperity. Xadaganians stand their ground and relentlessly eliminate anyone who threatens them or their allies.

-> Orcs cannot imagine their life without a good fight or a full-scale war. Children of illimitable steppe, they value freedom above everything and are ready to fight for it until their last breath. Though history has been harsh to them, the Orcs have overcome all hardships and became an integral part of the Empire! Thanks to this union, they always have someone to fight.

-> The Arisen devoted their lives to the quest for immortality - and though they eventually found it, it was not quite the way they expected. Their relentless survey turned them into outstanding scientists and engineers, who achieved their goals through strategic planning rather than raw force. The famous composure of Zem Arisen provides secure support to their allies and a great terror to their enemies.

-> Pridens usually stand aside from the squabbles of the League and the Empire. Only few of them decide to leave their home allod to join one of the factions in search of fine battles and adventures. Pridens praise strength and honor, making them incredibly dangerous opponents in combat, yet they strive to live in harmony with themselves and the world around them. Through fighting, each Priden seeks to achieve peace.

After reach 21lv and complate pridens map you will neeed chose whos fraction you will want to support, Leauge or Empire, be sure you will make good decision ;)

-> One of the most astonishing features of the Aoidoi is their innate knowledge of the universe, having come to this world with memories of events that took place long before their species even existed. Meditation is popular amongst Aoidos, as they believe the universe will only unlock its most sacred mysteries to those who keep their mind at peace, and strive for mental harmony. if you reach 75lv and you will make inccarnation, special race named "Aoidoi" will be unloced, you will can make only 1 char aoidos.
This race start playin on 70lv not like form 1-4 like anothers so thats why this race is so special

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Monday, July 31st 2017, 11:10am

4. Chose your Class

hmmmm what class i sholde chose ... :pinch:

Allods Online offer you 10 class who can you chose to play:

a) Warriors are strong in close-range combat, charging towards enemies and raining heavy blows upon them. With each strike, warriors become even more dangerous, accumulating Combat Advantage. The more Combat Advantage warriors gain, the more hazardous their abilities become. Warriors can also act as defenders in raid adventures, stealing the attention of monsters away from less resilient group members.

b) Paladins can sustain the most powerful strikes thanks to their heavy armor and barriers — a unique ability that delays incoming damage. Paladins can only be killed after all their barriers have been split up, which makes heroes of this class extremely resilient. Unlike warriors, paladins can also learn to use powerful long-range attacks.

c) Scouts are renowned experts in sabotage attacks and ambushes. They can shoot from afar, throw sharp thorns under enemies' feet, move rapidly from victim to victim, and disappear in a cloud of smoke. While many envy Scouts for their effective ranged tactics and abilities, they can also learn to sustain melee attacks just as well as warriors or paladins!

d) Healers are experienced servants of the Light that are capable of removing negative effects from their allies while healing groups or single targets. Their religion forbids the use of bladed weapons, thus they are often witnessed weilding deadly heavy maces in full plate armor.

e) Wardens are the only class capable of connecting with the world of Nature. They can collect the rarest herbs, unknown even to the greatest alchemists, used to brew all kinds of potions - lethargy, explosive, poisonous, and healing. Wardens also train combat pets that follow them on their adventure, providing distractions so that the Warden can comfortably strike with their fist weapons, bee swarms or thunderbolts from the sky.

f) Mages control three elements: ice, air, and fire. Controlling all three of them at the same time is rather challenging, hence mages typically concentrate on studying one or two elemental schools depending on whether they prefer to throw scorching meteors from the skies, turn enemies into blocks of ice, or summon roaring tornados. It is up to the mage to decide!

g) Summoner is a murderous healer capable of resurrecting just as easily as killing. In combat, summoners are aided by a summoned creature – such as a member of the undead, or another spawn of darkness – and collect blood drops from their wounded enemies to strengthen their own magical abilities. It is up to the Summoner to decide whether their sinister abilities should be used to heal allies, or harm foes.

h) Psionicist can read minds, foresee intentions, and fool their enemies – making them extremely dangerous and elusive opponents. While their illusionary twins cause doubt and uncertainty, the real Psionicist hypnotizes or paralyzes their prey with crushing mental volleys of raw telekinetic power.

i) Bards are a welcomed addition to any squad. Their seemingly ‘harmless’ instruments provide enchanting music that raises the morale of allies, send sentries to sleep, weaken and demoralize enemy fighters, or deal deafening damage to several opponents at once, also thay are good support in astral or raids.

j) Engineers are unmistakable fighters that wade into battle with giant shiny guns and an armful of devilish devices. It is a mystery how they manage to carry around all those intricate mechanisms – from turrents, heling machines and traps to self-propelled attacking machines called Collosus and long-range big Gun Cannon. Engineers can make shield who will abosrb dmg taking from your teammats, thay are still good support in astral or raids, also becose of global warming thay devices start function bad and thay lost range of attacks, also thairs cannons and device was start broking, so you will do small damage to your enemeis, some survived enginers caling quiet in thay minds : thx for nerf....

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Monday, July 31st 2017, 11:11am

5. Capital

hmm i was finished "training allod", and i was come to Capittal, now can rest for a moment and preper before i go for new unexplored teritory, what i schold take with me ?(

First go wisite this page

Mehh i'm lazy i will check leter ...

NO! You will check it now, it's the most importent think in your life, you need find build for yourself, if you will not do it you can broke your build and have big problems in future, so better lisiten me or be rady for pay 250 cirstals for fix your falut !

Ok ok Master, Sorry :(

Nothink lost yet, go meet your class trainer ;)

Who is Class Trainer Master ?

Trainer is NPC who can reset your talent points, rubies and Stats point, in 40lv can give you special quest for +1 rubin

You can reset your stats for free to 15lv, +15lv you must buy Water of Death from Boutique to reset your rubies and talents or Water of Live for reset your stats points

Here you have how Trainer look like, in this exemple is enginner trainer, but you can find your class trainer in capital too

League Engineer Trainer

Empire Engineer Trainer

6. Free bonus for newbies

You can find here some free bonus, but some can be here in highters lvl, i rcomand you visit golem d2 to get your free reward

a) (5-10lv)

b) (10-20lv)

c) or (10-20lv)

d) (70l-75v)



7.Free 4h Potion's (daily quest)







Here you can buy basic 1 runes for start who will litle bosst you for start, for now 1 runs inaf, you ill uprage them in end game



You buy this

And puting them here (pres yellow icone in left-donw site of your Screen )

8. Typs of quests

Hmm whats typs of quests i can meet in my adventure Sensei ?

You was come to capital, so you was saw some typs of quests, but i will repet special for you, take your notes ;)

a) Needed -> Quests you neeed to do to progres

b) Mystery ->Core Quests, never skip them, for finish Mistery quests you will can get + ruby or speicial class skills

c) Boss -> Blue quests, you need groupe to do them or be inaf strong to beat them

d) Raid -> Orange quests, you neeed raid of 12-24ppl (despend of type of raid) to complate them

e) Addionatly -> Greey quests, you can skip them, but i recmonad do them for addionatly experience

d) Repeatable -> Some quests are reapatable, you will can do them one more time, or one per day, or one per week despend of quest description

9. Guild

In Allods Online we have 3 typs of guilds :

a) Leveling guilds -> Guild for nebies like you, thes guild offer you +20% experience and +20% coins for pvp battles

-> thes guild invst rubies for first tree

b) End game guilds -> Guild for end game players ith 75lv, thay ofer playing toghetr in islands, or making raids, after you finish lveling i recomad you join one

-> thes guild invest rubies for third tree with more stats, and little in second tree

c) Dominium guilds -> Guild for veterans with higcht runes and cs items, it's pvp guild who chosing rubies for faster cap in dominium, heling when your in stun, or any another thinks who will give you advantake in pvp, also thay do hard raids, you can join them when you mastered litle in game

-> thes guild invest rubies in second tree, and then in third tree

10. Looking for groupe

Hey, Master how can i find team ?

Well, my student, it's not problem to find pt, many ppl writing in wrold/zone lfm (for what thay looking ppl) (what type thay looking, tank? heler? dps? or support)

here is exemple :

to be invited you need rite privat message to this player magic world : + (dps/heler/tank/sup) (your gear score) than thay invit you to pt if your person whos thay looking)

Sometimes if no one Serching for players you can try write in zone/world : lfg (where) (your role)

For exemple :

Then you giving info you want to go there, if many ppl will type lfg, somone can invit this ppl first and then he ill write "lfm -__-"

About raids sometimes some ppl teling in word/zone 0-0-5 Secret path/or another raid

This mean groupe have 0 tanks 0 helers 5 dps(with sups)

to invite you need press here :

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Monday, July 31st 2017, 11:12am

11. Gearing

Hello Mentor, i was finish leveling :3 ! but i was notice i was get items with special stats whats thay give me ?

Offensive Stats

Proficiency: 1 point = 0.10% increased damage and healing
Determination: 1 point = 0.0015% increased damage and healing per Determination value
Brutality: 1 point = 0.002% increased damage and healing per % health lost on the target
Critical Chance: 1 point = 0.1% increased Critical Chance
Critical Damage: 1 point = 0.2% increased Critical Hit Damage
Double Attack: 1 point = 0.1% chance to cast abilities twice
_______ Damage (They are all the same): 1 point = 0.17% increased _______ damage. Increases healing by 0.1%
Fury: 1 point = 0.25% of your damage leaves wounds.
Swiftness: 1 point = 0.1% reduced cooldowns.

Defensive Stats

Vitality: 1 point = 0.1% increased health
Willpower: Note: This is the only stat with diminishing returns.
Duration of Crowd Control effects you need to endure before immunity kicks in:
1 point = 32 seconds
5 points = 21 seconds
10 points = 18 seconds
20 points = 15 seconds
50 points = 12 seconds
100 points = 9 seconds
120 points = 9 seconds
150 points = 8 seconds
200 points = 7 seconds
Bloodlust: 1 point = Heals you for 0.06% of damage dealt and 0.02% of healing dealt
Survivability: 1 point = 0.1% increased healing and absorption.
Caution: 1 point = When health drops below 40%, damage taken is reduced by 0.1%.
_______ Protection (They are all the same): 1 point = reduces damage taken by _______ element by 0.05%. Increases Willpower by 0.6.
Conviction: 1 point = 0.10% reduction in movement impairment effects. Movement speed increased by 0.05%.
Sustainability: 1 point = reduces damage by 0.2% when under a control effect.
Concentration: 1 point = receive an absorption shield that is equal to 0.05% of your damage dealt or healing.

Ok how to gear up then ?

50% of eq drop from islands for free, you can join to island here :

then this will pop, go accept it again

so this will give this effect :

after 5min of waiting you will get mercs for free + ppl who was joined too, island is for 6ppl

another 50% you need craft here :

If your pres on item marked on blue this will pop

you can see to craft item you need 3 thinks

-> Amalgam ( you obtait from ami or pvp)

-> Gold ( normal gold hat you have)

-> Material ( thay drop from killing boss)

to get Material you need use hammers, you have 4 typs of hammers, then better hammer is then more Material you will get

You can buy green hammers from guy market on green, then this will pop

Also from bouctic you can buy this but thay are not worth, better buy hammers from auction house

And for 3vs3 this

Best Hammers are for doing Dominion

When you craft a item, you need uprage his quality to do this you need go on page 2 whos name is "Transmutations"

To max stats you need pres on item who you need upgrade, then this will pop

You chosing whats stat you want upgrade Defensive or Ofensive, then hen you chose (Heart or shield) this will pop

To upgrade stats you need chose the most highter stats ( no care about whos you will can chose them be insignias here in boutics whos ar for 30d and cost 80 cristals)

or ue normal one time used insygnias from bg or Distrcoction

to change item stats, just press on insygnia and then on item (notice you neeed have 100% of quality in stats to change them by insygnia)

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Monday, July 31st 2017, 11:13am

12. Ship/Astral

Building a ship is a huge milestone in the character’s development. By the time they get to do it, they need to have put in a lot of effort, completed numerous quests, and gone through various adventures. That is why only most experienced and daring heroes of Sarnaut gain the opportunity to acquire their own ships :thumbup: .

Where to start?

In order to start building your own ship, you first need to reach level 75 and take the introductory quest from the Guide in your faction’s capital. He will direct you to the shipmaster. Then, the quest chain will lead you to Coldberg, Avilon, and Dragon Ring, where you will get three licenses from the Free Traders, Historians, and Demon Hunters. Having added 1,500 gold to these documents, you will be able to start constructing your ship.

Period of construction

Currently, building a ship takes 15 actual days. You can accelerate the construction by completing everyday quests or by using the Builder’s Rune from the Boutique.

The ship’s owner and the crew

Finally, that day comes – the ship is ready, it’s time to embark on a journey! First, the owner of the ship needs to complete the tutorial quest in the Hangar. It will help you learn the basics of Astral navigation.

Helmsman The Helmsman is responsible for ship’s maneuvers. The Helmsman uses the following devices:

Helm. Changes the ship’s course at different rates. Can be fixed in the central position.

Turbine. Changes the flying altitude.

Motor. Changes the flight speed. Used to stir the ship out of hangars on allods. Don’t forget that speeding up increases the reactor’s load!

Reactor: Use him to repeir cabine, or to shot down reactor when he i overheat

Your ship’s survival capability depends on the proficiency of your Helmsman!

The Navigator, or the pilot, runs the scanner that lays the ship’s route to the desired Astral region. The scanner is a 3D model of the surrounding space. The scanner displays the current and the neighboring regions. The Navigator picks the destination using the following scanner possibilities:

->Detecting enemy ships within the nearest regions.
Searching for the closest teleport to other Astral sectors (all sectors are divided into regions). The ship can travel between them systematically or chaotically, controlled by the motor. It is only possible to enter another sector through a teleport.

-> Searching for a stable region – or, simply put, an allod with a harbor, which can belong either to your or to the opposite faction.
-> Calculating route to a specified allod.
-> Misalignment – makes your ship invisible for all Astral demons for a designated period of time, or until you fire a cannon.
-> The scanner consumes a special resource – Astral Emanations. Each ship stocks up on them before entering the Astral. Additional Emanations can be gained by killing demons or from the Boutique (Barrel of Astral Emanations).
-> Scam for wraqe or chests losed by anothers

Remember: if an Astral demon hits your ship, it will slow it down. To regain the speed, you will have to kill the attacking demons. The experience in navigation is very important. If your pilot hasn’t sailed that much, you may easily get lost in the Astral!

The visor is the device that tracks ships and Astral demons within the current region. Visors are used to examine the targeted ship in detail, define the state of the devices, and operate the shields on your ship. Also, the visor can perform the following actions:

->Scan the region – reveals all the invisible ships, Astral demons, and other objects.
-> Target acquisition – finds its weak spots, increasing the damage dealt by 25% for 15 seconds.
-> Shield boost – completely restores a damaged shield.
-> Intense cooling – reduces the reactor’s temperature by 50% from the maximum.
-> Sharp turn – instantly reverses the ship.
-> Diversionary shot – stuns demons for 10 seconds or disables the enemy ship’s reactor for 3 seconds.
-> Energy outbreak – inflicts damage on 5 demons within a 400 yard radius.
-> Energy discharge – removes 30% of the demon’s current health.
->Local jump – teleports the ship to the spot, selected at the visor – a demon or another ship.

The proficiency and the reaction speed of the visor operator can decide the outcome of the battle.

Mending crew Such a complicated vehicle as an Astral ship will surely be damaged during an Astral battle. This is why each ship is provided with a group of trained goblin menders. To fix a device, you need to descend to the ship’s cargo hold, grab one of the menders and bring him to the damaged object. As soon as the goblin comes around the broken device, he will start fixing it. After some time, the goblin will disappear and will have to be replaced with another mender. The goblin also disappears if the character receives damage while carrying him. There are 3 typs of goblin, short range, medium range, big range (the more goblin have range, the shorter he fix devices)

The captain decides who is responsible for the maintenance. If the ship’s hull is damaged, it can be mended in the Astral as well as at the shipyard. If the ship is mended on the run, the ship’s durability is averaged, and the maximum durability is reduced. To fully restore the ship, you will have to mend it at the Hangar, having provided the necessary material – planks, which can be purchased from the Hangar vendors. Mending the ship will take some time, depending on the damage degree. To shorten the time, use the Mechanic’s Rune from the Boutique.

Cannoneer The biggest captain’s concern before flying the ship should be its fighting capability. Astral ships are equipped with two types of weapons – board cannons and stationary artilleries, set up at the bow. Thus, there can be several cannoneers on a ship. Hitting the target requires precise anticipatory shooting. A ship can be equipped with sixteen board cannons and two artilleries. There are several cannon modifications available in the game, each with its specifications and purpose. Think through your ship’s equipage!

About your ship

The ship is surrounded by a damage-absorbing energy shield. At first, all incoming damage is absorbed by the shield, but as soon as it is breached, the damage is inflicted on the hull. A breached shield can be restored over time, though it will consume energy. The load of the reactor should not exceed the maximum limit, so watch the indicator closely. When it reaches a critical point, its color goes from green to red. The indicator is located in the top-right corner of the screen, along with the indicators of the shield’s and hull’s condition, compass and other important ship’s status indicators. The mana reactor is the heart of the ship. It converses the Astral substance into energy that enables the operation of ship’s devices. Excessive maneuvering and incoming damage can overheat the reactor, which can cause malfunction of other devices and even injure the characters on board. So the captain’s duty is to watch the energy consumption and the reactor’s temperature as well as manage the crew. When the reactor is disabled, all devices go offline as well. The motor is another important part of the ship. It stirs the ship and define its maximum speed and acceleration rate. Characters who die or fall into the Astral are resurrected in the Sick Bay. Obtained chests are stored in the Treasury. They can be opened in a harbor only. It is important to understand that the crew’s discipline is the key to a successful Astral journey.

The journey awaits! So, your crew is assembled, the roles are assigned, the positions are taken, the orders are given.

Here are shields of ship :

we have 1 shield on top, 2 shields in left side, 2 shileds in right side, and 1 in back of ship

Choose which Astral layer you wish to travel to, depending on your crew’s strength and possibilities. Also to make a jump press this :

We have 3 maps :

First is local map look like this, and show evryink is next your ship :

Second map show us maps for whos we can go for atral hunting/ manufacotrys/ factorys/ Trading Allod or Anomalus sector

Thred map :

Also remeber, evry good ship shold have kitchen for breaks in Astral, far away from homeland, be sure you have inaf food for long runs :P

Office to plane your tour

And Bedroom to rest after it x)

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Monday, July 31st 2017, 11:15am

13. Where to get mount in low price ?

For now it's posbie in 20lv, you need go to tropical allods, you will can do it in your capital, after you go there, jsut take quest :

after it you need collect 1000 shells it shold tak you 3-5d of farm, after it you can buy gryf here :

it's very fast mount, and can make short jump in front evry some second

14. Incarnations System

Incarnation share runes, monuts and boutic bag

First incarnation will be for free for quests in Misting lands in Citadel of master from Klavia

Second free incarnation you will obtain after finish aoids island, als in this moment you will can make your first aodis incs

After teach 75lv in your incarnation you can chose 1 of 2 incarnations spells for your main character ( also incarnation will have skill from your mian from beginning)

Here you have list of incs skills :

(i have all 10 incs with all class thx that i can chose skpell hatever i want, also rmeber you can chose only one)

you can check what any class give you after chosing class (look on rigcht side of my sreen)

15. Order

After reach 75lv e can chose 1 of 3 orrders

Order of Balace, Order of Progres and Order of Creation, thay are the same, difrent is only in mebers

Order give you 3 bonus ech day, you can see them here :

In up you can notice yellow line, when line willl end you will get your reward for activity, reward is gived evry 14d and despend on points you was obtain.

You can check your reward in Atral Academy :

16. Addons

you can instal addons be puting them in :

C:\\Allods Online\Allods Online EN\data\Mods\Addons

just open rar folder and throw all there

Here you have site to donwload addons :…t-text=&act=url

Yes Addons are legal in this game

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Monday, July 31st 2017, 1:03pm

The End

Hope my guide was helpful for you and you was learn alot :)

See you in bg or Astral allods


Addnonte 1. You can sand me Feedback now, i will fix it after Allods Guide commpetition, also i planing add some thinks more like jobs or more info ty, and also sry for my mistakes

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