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need class informations

Hi everyone!
My question is, which class perfrom well in mob farming.(single target and aoe separately)
I have heard many times all calsses are balanced and etc... but i already leveled meele healer and not really impressive in single target and in aoe even worse. I tried paladin too, much better (in single target very good, but in aoe i was hope better). I'd appreciate if one experienced player explain more which class perfrom good in pve single target and separately in pve aoe damage.
I didn't find informations in google, and i want to start new class which is strong in mob farming but i have no time for trying all classes and leveling to 75. (still learning english, sorry if have grammar errors)


heard mobfarming is senseless since they give no gold anymore...
PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!




It is usefull if you want to perform good on the order prestige leaderboards of your order or simply farm MOD's for your guildquests.
Bard, mage, healer are all very good in aoe farming mobs. (try spamming chain of light for healer for aoe dps).
Keep practicing and testing, knowledge isn't far! :)


heard mobfarming is senseless since they give no gold anymore...

only if they have a lower level than you

for healer aoe:

pull mobs with particle of light, then do the skill which gives you fanaticism, thunderstrike, and them spam chain of light into the mobs... they will die really fast
works good with support aspect and even better with aspect of assault

healer is AWESOME for aoe, in PVP too!
as dragagon said, bard / mage / healer is at this time the best choice (for EVERYTHING!)
as a bard your farmsetup is like mob, flying blade, mob, flying blade,............ its also kinda addticting

for farming, support-sorcerer is the best since he does not get slowed by mobs + you run faster; if done correctly you will kill mobs faster than the lootpet can collect the loot :evil:
also he laves puddles of fire on the ground to kill eventual survivors and can aoe-burst every few seconds... if you have done this once, you never want to go back to somthing else lol

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