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Wednesday, October 11th 2017, 10:40pm

Allods Rules Clarification


Since there are accusations of people cheating ratings in Equilibrium server, I would like some clarification from management about the following rule:


Exploiting – Taking advantage of any part of the game, beyond what it was obviously designed for, to gain advantages for yourself or others can result in a permanent ban. Aiding a exploiter in any way carries the same consequences as exploiting. To avoid being wrongfully accused of exploiting, please report any broken game mechanics immediately.

And what is exploit and what is not from the following situations:

Signing and doing rating combats, 3x3 or 6x6 between guildies. (lack of population)

Signing June catacombs mainly with guildies and then others have no chance to get chests at final round(lack of population)

Killing Locus using engineer class since that boss wasn't designed to use engineers to send players to boss and avoid the lazer maze.

and ofc if being called cheater everyday is considered


Harassment – Harassment usually involves repeatedly bothering a player with inappropriate behavior or attempting to bypass their efforts to avoid you. Some forms of harassment (like sexual) do not need to be repetitive to be considered harassment. Harassing other players or our staff will result in a ban.



Thursday, October 12th 2017, 5:19pm


I wanna say that i am harassed everyday by members of a small PVE Crab guild called "Ascention" due to making a party whit my friends and going to PVP vs them.

I mean if this people that harass me where any good in pvp i would totally understand their frustration, but since they dont know the mechanic of their classes, they have pve builds in pvp and simply dont understand how to work as team failing hard, specially the scout called rasgameucu or something...

If this constant harassment keeps going i will be forced to report it to support since as a player i just want to enjoy my gaming experience in peace.

Ty all for understanding
Sweet Kisses

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Friday, October 13th 2017, 9:56am



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Good morning Avo and Oshi

first thanks for the Thread. now a little statement:

If you have only the chance to get a Battleground invite like JC with a groupe of Guildmates it is not exploiting or cheating!

Doing 3 vs 3 or 6 vs 6 in 2 partys of guildies, it is also NO exploit or cheating!

Using Engineers port for get through the maze infront of Locus.... no bug using !

To make it clear: If it was designed by game designers to work that way, then it's normal game mechanic, if it's clearly a bug and you take advantage of it to gain profit in-game, then it's an exploit

And now we take care of Oshis problem:

I dont see here any case you can report players. There is no rule that said: You have to use a PvP build in Battleground.

ofc it can destroy your gaming experience cause you loose all the time if you have players in the team which use a PvE build in a clear PvP fight and i understand that, but it´s nothing for what you can report other players.

Maybe you should talk to that ppl and explain them the class and how they can skill there builds better, that will leades you and them to victory :thumbup:

best reegards and a nice weekend

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