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Thursday, March 29th 2018, 11:38am

[PMB] Noah's pro Engineer guide for 9.0 sup+dps(pve+pvp)

Making in progres, pls not write any post, until i finish, it can be editied alot of times until i make it

Hello I'm Noah

I'm one of rare players who play Engineer class, having over 4-5years experience as his main on New Frontier server (F2P/P2B)

I most time play as Support what make me most fun, but i mastered Assault aspect as well

I writing this guide for newbies, and veterans to share my knowledge, and let you better understand
Engineer Mechanics/Rotations/Stats/And Role in pve as well in pvp

In this guide you will get information about :

1. How many Aspects Engineer can play?

2. What mechanics Engineeer have/using ?

3. What Weapons Engineer using, 1hend or 2hends?

4. All Engineer Skills and thay groups

5. Overlook on build

6. Support Engineer Build

7. How Support Engineer build work ?

8. Stats for Support Engineer

9. Whats best Incarnations Skills for Support Engineer ?

10. Rotations for support Engineer

11. FAQ and pictures from dps/hps metter in pve and bg

12. Assault Engineer build

13. How Assault Engineer build work?

14. Stats for Assault Engineer

15. Whats best incarnations Skills for Assault Engineer

16. Rotations for Assult Engineer

17. FAQ and pictures from dps metter in pve and bg

18. Hey Noah, have you build for leveling ?

19. Who and Where Engineer's Trainer is ?

20. What Addons are and whose you recomend to use ?

21. The End

Hope my guide will be helpfull and let you improve your skill

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Thursday, March 29th 2018, 11:39am

1.How many Aspects Engineer can play?

You can using only 1 aspect

Aspect of Support

->This aspect increst duration of your all Support effects (Pover/Temporar Aceleration etc.) 50/100/200% in rank 1/2/3
(so if your buff have 2s duration you will have 2s+200% so 2s+4s=6s) and thair eficiency 7/14/21% ( if your buff give 20% more dmg, now give 45.2% or 423.5 stats if you use Treachery)

-> Effect of this aspect don't work on reinc/word mystery skills

Aspect of Assault (attack)

-> This aspect increst your all dmg 10/20/30% in rank 1/2/3

2.What mechanics Engineeer have/using ?

Engineer using reactor :

Spells cooling or heating reactor temperature max -200 from +200, basic temperature is 0 and cooling -20 or heating +20 evry sec if your reactor is overheated or overcooled

You can notice Engineer have 3 basic spells whose are permanently unloced and never will have highter rank, we can use them with +1lv


-> After use it you will teleportet to your last summoned device

Pover Barier

-> You destroying your device but you will get 50% hp absorb from his health ( for 6sec)


-> You exploding your device, all enemies in 15y around will get Bleeding effect for 6s (inflict dmg evry 2s), i recomend use it when your device will 1-2s before destruction

3. What Weapons Engineer using, 1hend or 2hends?

Engineer can using :

-> In my opinion best chose is Paired Weapons + Wand
-> offhend didin't give resistance stats any more, and uncursing 1 item is cheaper then 2

4. All Skills, and theirs groups

Aoe = [A]

a) Volley

Acid shot (cooling reactor by -40*)

-> You piu piu green laser whose inflict little more dmg then Grapeshot

Grapeshot (Heating reactor by +40*)

-> Our Basic skill, we piu piu Orange Laser who inflict little dmg

Toxic volley (cooling reactor by -40*)

-> It's upgraded version Acid shot

b) Defensive Device

Medical Emergency

-> heal you some hp, more usefull in support aspect

Power Field

-> Slow all enemys in his range for 1s, evry 1s, more usefull in support aspect

c) Special Device


-> It's Trolling device, you can Mark somone with "Beacon" and then, whan you will instal Wormhole, your target will teleported after 5s to this device
I have 2 ideas for what we can using this device, first is just troling friends, and second more important is teleporting Enemies healers far away in bg or 3vs3
This effect can be dispeled, so will not work vs experience players, but becose of low engi base players, you can still suprise someone

Steel Trap

-> Op skill who imobilizes our Target for 4,5s Ignoring his Willpower ! We can stop Warrior or Palading rushing os us or Golem or ppl who carrying flag with this skill

d) Attacing device

Light Turret

-> This device Piu Piu our target evry 2s with small Lighting Balls (dmg are Phisical) but recomends using Acid Turret cuz do more
Life time is 14s with rubies
Health = 25% of your Character

Acid Turret [A]

-> This device spam acid vomit evry 0,5s best aoe engi skill recomend to using it instad of ligcht turret
Life time is 8s with rubies
Health = 25% of your Character

e) Attacing device whose using Tears of the Dragon


-> Super Device who Attack your enemies inflict nice dmg
Health = 130/140/150% of your Character
Life tile is 20s with Blue Tears

Portable Cannon

-> Super Device who Attack your enemies inflict small dmg, starting stac effect who increst dmg from this device (this effect can stac max 30 times), and give your paty Treachery effect for 1s evry 1 shot
Health = 70%/75%/80% of your Character
Life time is 14s with Blue Tears

-> I like using them for Power Barier

d) Defensive support skills


-> Your party will get -25% time of control effects for 2s (with support aspect 46%(25%+21%) for 6s)

Blood thirs

-> Your party will get +350 Bloodust for 2s (with support aspect 423.5 for 6s)

f) Battle support skills


-> Your party will get +350 The highest offensive stat for 2s (with support aspect 423.5 for 6s)

Temporal Acelleration

-> Your party will get +25% speed, cooldown of your spells will be reduct -25%, and your global cd from 2s to 1s (with support aspect for 6s and effect will be increased)


->Your party will get effect who increases dmg +20% for 2s (with support aspect 45.2% for 6s)

g) Bombs

Frag bomb (Heating reactor by +80* can't be used when reactor is cold)

-> Deals dmg + give Dot who Deals some dmg for 6s evry 1s

Bacterial bomb (Cooling reactor by -80*, can't be used when reactor is hot)

-> Deal dmg + give Dot who Deals some dmg for 8s evry 1s

h) Stunes


->Stun target for 4s (that effect can be puri)

Spider Supressor [A]

-> Give all targets -_- on his way for 3s (9s if sup asspect)

Paralizyng ray

-> cc spell who stun mobs for 30s, players for 4-6s, need have 6-4s cast time (or instantly with rubys)

j) Reactor skills

Burst of mana [A]

-> Second best engineer spell, who deals nice aoe dmg (also do 1/2-3 less dmg then Reactor Blowdown)

Reaktor Blowdown

-> Deals HUGE dmg for the target, good spell with Attacing aspect (in sup it do less)

i) Anothers skills

Iron curtain

-> Reduct your incoming dmg -60%, can save your ass sometimes


-> Your Basic dispell skill, you will need it to dispell positive effect from some boss/mobs or to dispel some positive effects from your enemys in pvp (sumy shield etc)
-> Sadly after 9.0 you can dispel less effects then before ( healer fk shield is not dispelable now)

Acid tide [A]

-> Buff who give you and your party +10-20%dmg after evry dealed dmg(if dmg will be dubled by duble attack this part will get bonus acid dmg too) work 9s with rubies

Flying Factions [A]

-> It's aoe debuff, someting like Concentrate, but have longer cd and is not effected by swiffnes :(


-> You Mark target for 10s, after you use skill "Wormhole" this target will be teleported to this device after 5s


-> Reset cd of your all device (expect Collosus+Portable Cannon) to 0s, allowing using them second time in row (1m20s cd)

j) Word mystery skills

Master Plan [A]

-> Give your party effect for 10s who increase Prof,Brut,Deter by 70

Adrenalin [A]

-> Give your party effect for 10s who increase Vitality and Bloodust by 150

Gift of Tensses

-> Res ability, who can be used in combat too, have 3s cast and 1s cd but used in combat cd will increast to 5m

k) Race ability

Evil Genius (Kanian) [A]

-> Give you Treachery effect for 6s and reduct dmg your target for 6s

Firecracker (Gybberling)

-> Fear up to 3 enemys for 3s + give Dot dealing fire dmg evry 1s for 6s

Magic Injection (Arisien)

-> Heal target for xxx hp, and give him Pover effect for 6s

Flash Charge (Imperialist)

-> Disorint all enemys in front od you (20y rage)

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