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Sunday, November 11th 2018, 1:19am



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just get rekt by russian with their macro's and script and be quiet please. Nothing have been done in their server about this, don't ever think something will be done here. i'm laughing a lot when i see penance getting rekt by randoms. Really funny.

other than this, its a shame that no one wants to stream such event, players or cm. We've been waiting long time for this tournament.
And by who might that be ? i've never seen anyone beat me solo hand while staying legit with same class advantages


and for this 3vs3 tournament, dude i do not care about it since it's not just only me in the party and i cannot affect what programs enemy team is using against us.
Yeah of course if anyone beat you he obviously using a 3rd program lul, we saw that with fakenews video where we can hear voices, being coordinate with ccs to kill your party in like 3 seconds. I think you have to gave birth to 5 penance + you and make a party to maybe have a chance to win LUL. You're so arrogant, you never did anything for the community, only for you small person. Gl for the rest of the tournament.
i'm sorry do i owe anything to the community ?

You make way to big of a assumption to think i care about 6vs6 or any group fights, as long i have no solo control over something i could care less, i play for fun when it comes to that unlike yourself calling me out for what exactly? who's the dumb one here, you or me for putting such arrogant accusations into a topic that has nothing to do with it?

These people are well aware what i can do to them in terms of banning / reporting / making videos with solid proof that will make your head spin
i just cannot be botherd with randoms anymore, that is why i barly post anymore videos to fed up with cheaters i just wanted to say my say that is all.
This server has to low population to begin with and for you to spit words out like if you were to know sometihng makes me giggle.


Sunday, November 11th 2018, 2:19am

I am feelink thank you for put this event but i aren't think thatz you thought well on putin invasion.


Sunday, November 11th 2018, 10:51am


Sunday, November 11th 2018, 12:06pm



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I am feelink thank you for put this event but i aren't think thatz you thought well on putin invasion.

hm ... russian hackers


Sunday, November 11th 2018, 4:30pm

A feedback after this first day of fight :

Enjoying a lot the fights because for the first time since a long time, there is challenge and good parties are all there to compete.
The problem is mostly that even if I enjoy playing agaisnt good parties that push you to improve and get better, the russians teams will take the rewards for the International server players. But I don't have any ideas about you guys can do about it.

To be honest if this kind of server could stay, connected with russians and if you needed to pay a subscription to play, I will definitly pay for having 24/7 PVP with ranks and rewards :) !

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