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Multiverse Contest [Ended]

Contenst ended.

Dear players of Sarnaut,

Spring has brought us its dose of hot and sunny days but today we celebrate the arrival of summer in Sarnaut! As every year at this time all people of Sarnauts prepare for their summer holidays. Some took a step ahead and innovated! They have chosen to spend their holidays outside of Sarnaut and went to discover different worlds that the universe has to offer! Until July 26th, let your creativity speak, and free your imagination and show us your talent! We invite all players to participate in the Multiverse Contest!

Multiverse Contest

  • The goal is to create an illustration or artwork combining the universe of Allods with other worlds from your favourite games and movies! It may be an image of a mixed landscape including your character, a reenactment of events and scenes of Sarnaut combined with all other worlds you could think of, and so on.
  • The contest is not limited to digital art, it can also be a drawing or even somthing built. If your image is not digital, be sure to provide a good quality photo or scan of it.
  • The rules of this competition strongly forbid using other people's art, as well as the art that wasn't specifically made for this competition. Also, participants should occasionally check their private message on the forum, since the jury may ask for the source files of your work in case of dispute.
  • Post your finished submission under this thread until the 26th of July. The winners will be chosen depending on creativity and ingenuity of the artwork.
  • This is a contest for individual players.
  • The contest is for players of all servers.
  • The entry can not contain any explicit sexual material or rude, shocking content.
  • The entry must comply with the game and forum rules.
  • The entry should be unique within "Allods Online" project and must be of your own property. Copyrighted material may not be submitted.
  • Only entries who meet the requirements will be rewarded.

  • First Place: 5000 Premium Crystals or Marks of Accomplishment
  • Second Place: 2500 Premium Crystals or Marks of Accomplishment
  • Third Place: 1000 Premium Crystals or Marks of Accomplishment
  • Special Mentions: 500 Premium Crystals or Marks of Accomplishment
  • Requirements met: 250 Premium Crystals or Marks of Accomplishment

Have Fun!

In-game: Poloo • Faction: League • Server: Evolution
Best regards,
Allods Online Moderator Team

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Here is my participation :D
Neogiciaa League - Evolution.

Good luck to all !

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Need for Speed™ Payback - Car Customization Interface on my own screenshot from my Private Allod.

Astafieva - League * Server: Evolution


Grand Theft Auto V

Akili - League - Evolution


from shrek :D

Fluorescence - League - Evolution

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Slyeon - Smugglers Paradise

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Harry Potter and the Allods Adventures :D :D :D

BielAndrade - League * Server: Evolution.


Sailor Gibb

Kakalim - empire - serveur: evolution

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Sauron looking for some rings around Sarnaut :D

Derrieri - League - Server: Evolution

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It seems the Lich King found a new Throne!

Gramarye - Empire - Evolution


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I've decided to roll with some classics :D
Hellboy! Or... Hell-orc? uhmm...

Ludovic - Empire - Evolution


Good day/evening,

This is my participation. I love the movie "Interstellar" and used to be a hardcore player on Allods Online, this is why I needed to mix those two. I really don't know if I respected every rules of this contest but I tried.

Exodus - Empire - Evolution

Have a good day/night.

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Inspired from the "Blade Runner" sequence with the advertising ship for the off world colonies

Tonalya - Empire - Evolution


Vickie Lynn


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Here's my entry

A mix of allods and Tomb Raider!

Only french speakers would understand the "Lara Clette" :love:

Virginie - League - Evolution
MomOfKotofei - Warden 85
Virginie - Scout 85
DadOfKotofei - Demonologist 85
BroOfKotofei - Scout 85
Juwol - Warrior 85
Aezelie - Barde 85
MarieLynn - Barde 85
SexyVickieJin - Cleric 85
Solstis - Summoner 85
Tatjanna - Paladin 85
Vick - Engineer 85
VickieLynn - Mage 85
Zeyja - Psioniscist 85

Supreme Intelligence
Lord of Chaos
King of Nature
Light bringer
Champion of Light
Engine of Progress

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Looks like an escape from GLaDOS

Yorath - Empire - Evolution


Hi this my work i hope it like u ^^"
its from "Star Wars Episode I: Racer"
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  • aasdfa.jpg


"Unknown species attacking new world monsters and hunters. To all hunters, this is a top priority hunt!"

this is inspired by Monster Hunter World mixed with allods monsters (ochtullu). In both worlds we kinda hunt monster so it seemed fitting :-)

pasidaips - League - Smugglers Paradise (would like Marks of Accomplishment)

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Multiverse Contest

Magenesium / Huzur / İmparatorluk / Evolution
»begummutlu« hat folgende Bilder angehängt:
  • Allods_190710_1842411.jpg
  • Allods_190710_1844071.jpg
  • 123123123.jpg


Multiverse Contest

Jack Sparrow now wanders the Astrals

(Pirates of the Caribbean)

Dhunzz - Empire - Evolution


This is my participation. It recreates the Game of Thrones's scene where the Night King astride the undead Viserion, blasts a hole through the Wall with blue dragon fire, allowing the Army of the Dead to march through. :thumbup:

Zaen - League - Server: Evolution

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