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Tactical Advantage / Regeneration passive skill

The skill gained from the orange scroll for assault shell / purple for mount is broken now, it used to regenerate 2% of health and mana every 2 seconds. now there is no more mana and it regenerates health of an amount not worth to mention
i understand the intention was to balance things according to the reduction of overall too high numbers in damage healing etc before the patch but this obviously needs some readjustment now
best would be to just make it do what it always did, regen 2% of health every 2 seconds + some classresource-bonus

please consider this in one of the future patches

(i had a lot less time to play and sticked with most basic things in the last time so i did not realize how broken this effect became, thus taking so long until writing this :P)

edit/update: same applies for the killbonus from carnifex :(
(when killing mobs you used to get regenerated health, now the value is s minimal is does not help in any way)

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2% of health based on basic vitality (which excludes bonuses from aspect, rubbies) so in the end it is a lot less % of health bar than You have now. Therefore it is nearly useless imho.


regen from wizards emblem 365day-timed-item is affected from this bug aswell

this is obviously bugged
how to reproduce:

estimated regen of health = 2 % of basic value of health
basic value of health of level = remove all gear from char
thus, an unclothed char with 10% health remaining should regen health in 2% steps

actual regen of health = a lot more than 2% if char is unclothed

also, it was always stated that the regen of this effect will be 2% of health so i really hope this gets fixed and regens again 2% of health (actual health!) like it properly did before

(made an entry as clientbuy in technical issues part of the forum aswell [Bug] Health- Regen from carnifex, wizards emblem (trinket) and mountscroll / assault shell scroll)

Dieser Beitrag wurde bereits 2 mal editiert, zuletzt von »ALLODS-ONLINE-PLAYER« (

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