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Thursday, June 19th 2014, 1:41pm

Few questions about paladins.

Hello everyone.
I have to ask few questions about paladins.
1) I haven't see any physical tank build paly. Why? whats the problem with the physical tank?
2) Is there any Physical OFFTANK build? As I see everyone uses the holy tank build. IF there is a physical offtank build pls let me know.
3) I don't have much experience with the paladin class but I made a build that should be worth a try (with my opinion). This is the build:!7!332.2.3.…uh/A!iakiben/YE
4) Why are paladins so awesome... :thumbup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
With some more talent points and rubies I would change the build to this:!7!332.2.3.…/A!iakiben/OEBP
Thanks to everyone who helped me learn more about palains.


Thursday, June 19th 2014, 2:16pm



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1) because phys tank especially ur build can't generate agro at all, and the damage output is very very low
3) like said that build is gonna do terrible low damage with 1h, i suppose ur gonna use 1h

Either go for holy tank wich does good damage, or go for full dps with 2h weapon wich does alot of damage. Paladins only generate agro with Righteous Word and Challenge, you wont be able to get agro at all without them->all dps dead and healer next.Holy tank build with 1h does like 70-80% of a full dps pally, without having problems with dieing. Look at PMB's too so u can make an idea.
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Thursday, June 26th 2014, 12:58pm



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1. Because they're not popular and most survival abilities cross with the need to keep agro cannonwise. Holy build is just better and it has great damage output because of Determination stat.

2. You can be an offtank (if the objective is to survive for ~15 - 20 seconds) with even a dps build if you have basic barrier rotation skills and challenge skill. THIS build should work for it.

3. If you really want to try physical tank, you can try something like THIS build. Righteous Word (later - RW) and Challenge helps you hold agro much easier. (Without RW your agro is non existant.)

Besides, these "Finesse" stats in the first ruby grid are actually "Determination" and they are a must-have as tank. I suggest you aim for 40 - 50 of those.

4. It's because they can tank, spank and even heal with the right choice of build!

5. THIS would be a better choice of talents and rubies when you get more of them.

Protection of Faith rubies in the third grid help you rotate barriers easier. It's because rotating barriers is the most important thing for any type of paladin tanks. Departing Light and selfheal rubies in the bottom of third grid greatly help your heal keep you alive in astral. As long with 12 energy bonus for every barrier broken (Overcome breaks a barrier too so you can manually gain 12 energy). And this is why I suggest you take Departing Light rubies instead of Vitality (2nd grid) for energy gain. They work out better than passive 2 energy every second during the fight because as a tank you should pretty much always have enemies attacking you.

Hope this helps, cheers :D
And so on..

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