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Thursday, July 10th 2014, 2:58pm

Also the effect of Aqua Vitae is different : "Requires 3/2/1 Essence of Life from KoN to be crafted. When used on target, heals up to X damage. Each additional stack of Static Charge increase effect by 15%"

Unity Talent (Bottom one, left side, blue guy sitting down) : "Recalls pet and can't be summoned again for 15s. During that time heal / damage from warden is increased by 20/30/40%. At the end of the effect the pet is back with full HP/Energy. Requires 3 dragon tears".

I'll add more this evening when in game. This is all I recall for now without game !

I don't play warden, I compiled this list looking first at:!5!111.....…...!a/A!a/A!a/A

then at:!5!111...…...!a/A!a/A!a/A

and comparing the differences. Also compared the differences on the passive skill descriptions here:


respectively. What had correct description (like Unity with Nature talent) I didn't bother including.


Thursday, July 17th 2014, 4:35am


Thursday, July 17th 2014, 3:06pm

Translations are a lot better now, but still not 100% accurate.
Needs more fixing, this is how it should have been when the patch came out.


Monday, July 21st 2014, 12:26am


Orta Düzey

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Yes, the correct translations are being worked on as we speak (and to find out why the correct translations made prior to the update went wrong/did not save.. and why noone was able to pick up on the problems before hand), I don't know when all 4 languages will be ready for release though.

But yes we will push for some more Wod/Wol to be sent out if it takes that long to release the fixes.
Still waiting for respec pots. It took 2 weeks to fix translations and they still seem to not be 100% accurate (I didn't check, stopped caring).

@Allods Team, you really should understand that such behavior does huge damage to your player base. It's ok to mess up, it happens to everyone. It's NOT OK to not give a damn and not compensate players. I bet half the wardens on the server are running around with a broken build. Only a happy few had the info to make a proper build from russian/french/friends (or the wisdom to not take respect pots right away). Really thank you for that.

Edit : Seriously, what would it cost you to send a mail to every warden on server saying "Hey ! Rubies & Skills translations weren't really good till now. We hope to have fixed it with this patch, so we suggest you review your build with the new info from the talents/ruby grids. Please find hereby new WoD/Wol so you can experiment with your build until you're fully satisfied with it. Cheers, your Allods Team".

Bu mesaj 3 defa düzenlendi, son düzenlemeyi yapan "Pochtron" (Jul 21st 2014, 1:03am)


Monday, July 21st 2014, 10:17am


Orta Düzey

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Give up already :/ It's clear they don't care, Pochtron. I even offered to proof-read or translate for free for them and was blatantly ignored repeatedly by their loca team. No one will answer my tickets to the localisation team. I have given up already, it's just not worth the effort anymore :/


Friday, August 15th 2014, 2:06am


Orta Düzey

Mesajlar: 440

Konum: France

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Maybe this thread can be closed by now. I'd still like to have feedback from Wraith on 2 subjects :
- have you pinpointed the failure that wrecked translations for 5.0.01, and why nobody picked it up before server opening ? What are your plans so it won't happen again in 5.0.2 ?
- you spoke about sending Wod/Wol to wardens affected by it. Did it happen ? If not, why ?


Friday, August 15th 2014, 6:36am

No one got another reset.

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