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Thursday, October 2nd 2014, 4:25pm



  • "Intoshadows" started this thread

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Someone in guild-chat was asking how to make gold and didn't believe me when I said how much I make off this. Several people said it was impossible and even said I was lying.

So to break it down for them:

3 trips takes me 2 hours and 6 minutes.

One trip of "Highest Art" takes me 42 minutes. (42 minutes per trip x 3 trips=2 hours and 6 minutes.)

3 trips nets me generally 8-9(sometimes 10) Amalgam Concentrate.

I sell one Concentrate for 1899 gold(I like to move fast). 1900 x9= 17.100gold. This is 3 trips in 2 hours, so divide 17.100 gold by 2:

2/17.100=8550(8.5k PER HOUR)

Not to mention gold and loot from trash.

I also have a special route that I use that involves Demons/Undead at Plagot(right next to one another and close to the portal). I'm not giving away where I find Beasts and Ele's: its a trade secret but it is fast! =)

Haters gonna hate.

Edit: YES! I did, in fact, notice that the past few days I've been getting a TON of only 2 Concentrate, as opposed to the 3 I normally get. I don't know whats up. I really hope its bad luck and was not a ninja nerf.


Thursday, October 23rd 2014, 12:51pm



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juuuuust gotta ask, have you tried/heard of goblinball?
i got 6x 60 levels, and by doin the first victory with all of them daily is well around 6x gold symbol as in 6x1800g...
So i just wanna comment when ppl say something is "best" "fastest" way to farm... show me a way where u farm faster than a gold symbol in 10minutes ^^ (of crs its not 100% victory always), but me for myself , i can play goboball, i can ignore the nabs and the rages and just play, i can take a lose, ill forward the "FUUUUUuuuuu" Nness to next game and win that with the anger :D

That is relying on other people not failing and here is the flaw.

A symbol of gold is about the same as one Amalgam Concentrate, if getting a symbol of gold takes you 10 minutes when you win, you are ahead if you win three times, you can afford one loss for it to be equal still, if you lose more than once you're behind.

Not sure if you count the 10 minutes with queue time or not, because if it's 10 minutes + queue, then it's even worse.
Sorry i just noticed your reply, i didnt take in to the account that fact u actually get more concentrates than 1 per q xP but aint that luck based too? varies from 1-4? so it has some RNG in it too, but yes ure right, if u make many of those it can be compared to same time / gold around...

Anyhow, i havent rly waited for goboball longer than 3 minutes in last half a year? but i dont know if u play on different times it might be 10min+

also, theres more RNG and relying on other ppl (on opposite team) like bg's also gb's ppl leave when they "can predict" the outcome, (which imo aint worth the 30min debuff, and losing the 16symbols too! but yeah some ppl get frustrated, and i think its a skill to walk a way.
coz theres also ppl who stay, but start to play for the other team, OR just start typing/ragin and being useless to ur team!

So if enemy team 2 players leave when they see how awesome i am xDD lol, the game will end in 2minutes (used to be even with 3v4 but nowdays need 2 players gone from team to the time to go down!

Quess im tryin to say that i understood the million factors gb farming has in it :P

One man once said, if u dont wan't your day to be <snip>, do not leave the house , only other ppl can fuck up your day.
(this was propably a time when no social media was present) xP

OH OH! RNG= random number generator, FYI!

Edit : please watch your language :)

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