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Friday, September 26th 2014, 3:33pm

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Boss of the wild shores

Ok so there's the quest to kill a boss in wild shore, 'The Creator's Trials: Enemies at the Wild Shore', there is 1 which you can solo if you don't have high gear.
This is the one in wellebel in the group of ogre bosses

The thing is that it takes probably over half an hour for it to spawn and you wait for a long long time for it to spawn and once it's there someone jerk/random dude shows up and hits it before your group of ppl waiting, so he gets the quest.
To make things worse these cunts/ppl never ever (or at least very very rarely) invite you in their group so you can enjoy the kill as well

So you have to start over waiting/slacking/not being able to do anything (wellebel refractors aren't worth any gold so you can't really farm ogres in the meanwhile)

My suggestion would be to just get the quest completed by hitting the boss and, well him dying of course (no need to have the first hit in your party.

This is by no means to complain about that (shitty) warden who stole our kill and even put me on ignore (can't we be any friendly towards faction members anymore? QQ) because i asked him to leave his group and join ours.
(he was solo there so the only one in the group who could actually benefit from the kill)
We were 3 people waiting to get for him spawn for pretty much half an hour.

If the language is too offensive i added variants who are a little less rude :p
pls do say so if i offend anyone or mods can change it whatever


Friday, September 26th 2014, 5:05pm


My suggestion would be to just get the quest completed by hitting the boss and, well him dying of course (no need to have the first hit in your party.


hmm lol why?
IMO,that would make the quest useless since you can just hit the boss while another party tries hard to hunt him down and you then can go farm anywhere else or afk then get the quest done so wouldn't that make the quest meaningless?
I respect your suggestion too but I don't think the mods would accept your suggestion and that's just a guess because of the reason I mentioned above.

In my opinion,solving this problem would be really simple and it would be either by:

1-reducing the boss's spawn time to 2 mins for example so if it gets stolen,you'll have to wait just 2 more mins only
2-by putting many copies of same boss in like say in 3 more different locations from his original location so 4 copies of this boss would spawn in 4 different known locations at same time so if you get one stolen at a certain location you can go for the other one in the other location or you can even leave someone else to scout other location and secure boss kill for you while you reach the new location.

There can be more things to do about this matter but I see those 2 solutions above to be the best,IMO.

Anyway,if you want to get this boss atm,you can try either of those 2 tricks:

1-you can just do it at a certain time when there aren't alot of people on the server with some friends.It might be a time when server is lagging for example if you can handle it.

2-Toxic communities and rude selfish people are really a pain sometimes and sadly they do exist in many games nowadays so if you see someone stealing and being rude like the warden you mentioned for example,don't bother with him/her and just go somewhere else and let him/her enjoy killing the boss alone or you can even try a more friendly approach and that would be by helping that warden out after you
declare you're gonna help him/her then asking if he/she can join your party in a good manner.Your attitude can stun that person so they get ashamed and decide to join and help you out or that person can turn out to be selfish and refuse with no reason or just ignore you and in that case,you can just leave him/her fight that boss alone in peace.
Sometimes when I solo farmed in wellebelle back then,I'd land a flying blade on a certain mob and at the same time someone else hits same mob unintentionally so he'd get all the rewards from killing that mob even if I killed him and what's funny is that the mob would attack me and not him/her since my flying blade did far more damage so instead of helping me,that person decides to kill another mob and leave me kill his mob for him but you don't expect everyone to be gentle right?

And on the contrary,sometimes while farming,I'd find someone some gentle bard or summoner farming next to me so he/she starts to AOE my mobs with his/her mobs so that would help me kill them faster or sometimes even saved me when mobs eventually piled out of nowhere.

As there is the good,there is always the bad as well.

Trust me,Sometimes I had some people being rude in astral and I just dealt with them in good manners and didn't rage and they at the end said:"sorry" and some of them claimed later they had hard work and were stressed etc so patience and good manners even when they're being rude can fix these problems sometimes but even if they insist on being rude then no need to insult and be rude like them but instead leave them in peace and keep your reputation safe and clean.It's a game after all.

Finally,Sorry for the long chat and I hope that helps you figure out how to hunt down that boss easily for now.
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.


Friday, September 26th 2014, 11:45pm


Orta Düzey

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i bet you are league, they're doinh same crap with the bosses in Foul Dale, they wont join u even if they're solo... lame ppl always lurking there :/, i'm freaking glad i finished it, tho my friend still needs it and we wait 30 mins+ almost everyday when she has the quest because they wont pt, AKA WTB reduce cd for that mob, reduce it's drops too so ppl that actually need it to be able to get the freaking kill
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Saturday, September 27th 2014, 12:28am

players most likely try to get this kill alone due to the high amount of loot from this boss

for getting progress for allod you can either try to learn about the spawntimes and camp that place; as it spawns you 1sthit it, or buy a magnetstone for the quest so you have to do it less often


Saturday, September 27th 2014, 8:40am

  • Konuyu başlatan "skullskaldy"

Mesajlar: 47

Konum: Belgium

Meslek: Student

  • Özel mesaj gönder

yeah reducing spawn time might actually be a better idea, didn't think of that yesterday somehow :p

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