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Saturday, February 21st 2015, 5:46pm

Recruitment Drive

This is an amazing game, im absolutely in love with the game and dont want to see it die. Ive come up with an idea for something kind of like a "recruitment drive" that could really help inject some new blood into the game. Now please remember this is simply an idea, and still needs to be fleshed out with help and ideas from the community.

Sales and Specials would be a major appeal for potential players, allow them to get a 20% or even 35% boost to crystals bought during the recruitment drive. Have some of the more popular items on sale at anywhere from 10% - 25% off. This also has the potential to show current players that you care about them.

Discount the first month of access to the P2P server by maybe 10%.

Give everyone (P2P and F2P) a recruitment like and hold a contest, the person with the most recruits through their special link gets 10,000 crystals and 30-day access to the P2P server. Use the IP address of the new accounts so someone cant rig the contest in their favor.

This is just a couple of ideas that i believe could help bring new life into the game, and I would like some other people to come up with ideas of their own and post them here
Those that don't, are enraged by those that can. Give people a reason to hate you. Do the best you can, and don't let ANYONE hold you back.


Saturday, February 21st 2015, 5:53pm

this will motivate ppl to make high numbers of nw accounts, just with different ip-adresses...
changing ip adress takes > 10 seconds


Saturday, February 21st 2015, 11:26pm



it's not abt the IP it's abt the idea to get more ppls in the game -_-"

ye i like it but instead of respond on that IP thingy just try figuring out new ideas abt it.

1st of all they should start giving the option to refer-a-friend again and giving rewards on that one.

also more attnetion to the game and the PLAYERS whom actually keep it alive wouldn't be bad at all since i don't really see contact btween CM's and players.

i'm getting a feeling lately that the players are getting great ideas instead of the ppls actually running the game. like the player itself should run the game lol.

Bu mesaj 1 defa düzenlendi, son düzenlemeyi yapan "dragagon" (Feb 21st 2015, 11:46pm)


Sunday, February 22nd 2015, 12:47am

getting new players is a good idea in general, but making a contest out of it is not
otherwise its still better the way it is now anyway, EVERY new player gets the white outfit, the big bag and the free exp-bonus :)

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