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Thursday, April 2nd 2015, 3:32pm

[PMB] King build from the Queen

Hello there fellow players my name is QueenOfBlades and I come from guild Utopie on P2P server Smugglers Paradise

In this thread I will show you 4 builds, PvE range and melee build as well as PvP range and melee build, so something for anyone. ( :

- Reincarnation

For reincarnation you should go Warrior first because both of his skills are useful.
First one is very good in melee PvP build.
Second one is good everywhere, in both PvE and PvP melee and range builds.

After Warrior you can go anything that you want because all other classes have only one skill that is good for scouts, so Warrior should be priority.

- Weapons

For weapons you should use Crossbow for Range and Paired Fist weapons for melee because you need fastest weapon so you can stack Trick effect faster.

- Builds

1. PvE range build

Every talent and ruby here is taken to do more DPS. So if you wanna be first at DPS meter in any Astral, Raid or Party quest this is build for you. Rubies that are framed with blue are optional if you have some rubies to spare for some defensive stats, to make your healer life easier.

Single rotation here is Ranging Fire -> Incendiary Arrow -> Double Shot -> Intuitive Shot -> Tesla Arrow, and then you repeat Intuitive Shot and Double Shot until you have 8 stacks of Under the Aim effect and then you use Finishing Shot. After that you repeat all over again.
One thing that you need to know is that Incendiary Arrow do more dmg if you wait for it to expire and then apply it again because that first dmg tick is so much bigger then DoT it applies and that first tick do dmg only if there is not buff on enemy, if there is buff only duration of buff will increase and you lose DPS.
If you fight Boss you should use your Common potion of Concentration, Onslaught and Bag of Tricks on start of the fight so you do nice burst, and you get your cooldowns for finishing the fight.

AoE rotation is Caltrops -> Rain of Arrows -> Tesla Arrow -> Incendiary Arrow on every enemy -> Rain of Arrows -> Tesla Arrow. Believe me, until there is only one enemy left, waiting for 1 or 2 sec cooldown on Rain of Arrows will give you more DPS then to start spaming Double Shots and Intuitive Shots.

2. PvE melee build

This melee build is very good for single as well as aoe DPS.
Same as at range PvE build rubies that are framed with blue are optional if you have that much rubies.

Single rotation First you go into stealth because when you attack u get more dmg from first 3 attacks then you go Supernatural Speed and Fan Defense because you can use Fan Defense without global cooldown -> 2 times Reflex Action -> Crippling Blow (after this you are left with 1 stack of Trick) -> 2 times Reflex Action (so you have 3 stacks of Trick) -> Crippling Blow (this Crippling Blow deal 200% more dmg and remove bleed but do what is left of bleed DoT into single tick).

AoE rotation First go into stealth to get bonus dmg, then you trow Caltrops -> attack with Reflex Action once, apply bleed with Crippling Blow and do that for all enemies that you have, after that you can apply Incendiary Arrow, and use Tesla Arrow when is on cooldown. After all bleeds you stop using Reflex Action and start using Fan of Knives.

In PvP you need more defense then you need dps, so in both my builds for PvP accent is on defense. If you dont take defensive rubies and talents you will be stun locked almost all the time so like that you dont do any dmg. If you take defensive rubies and talents, you can survive longer so you do more dmg.

3. PvP range build

There is not so much to explain, just focus one target and try to burst it down, if they come near you use Somersault, then Caltrops, slow them with Tranquil Arrow... If your hp drop use Medicinal Herbs, if your hp drop low again use Frightful Presence ruby to move away from them and to get some move speed. If you fight vs Caster use Silence Arrow and if u fight vs Fighter use Disarm Arrow.

4. PvP melee build

For melee scout you should play as control assassin, so you wait for moment someone is isolated go to stealth jump to them, and stun lock them with Samboroll and Rend, after that trow Caltrops and start to dps them when Caltrops fade use Silence or Disarm Arrow and after that fades use Samboroll again. Use your defensive talents always when you have enough Joker Effect.

Bonus Tank melee build

This is so unusual for scouts to be tanks, but in this patch scouts can be very nice tanks for Astrals, and in some raids.
This build is similar to melee PvE scout with one twist in it. Here you will use Bully instead of Bandit stance because Bully stance make you do more aggro on mobs, and rest is almost the same. If someone in your party pulls aggro from boss you can use Splinter to make it attack you. Use your defensive abilities (Fan defense, Bolt and Swingout) to stay alive.

Because this PMB event is for us that know the classes to help someone who is starting the class, this is all that you need to know to begin. But nobody can teach you to be pro on this paper, you need to go out there, apply what I wrote here and then you will see why this class is one of the best in this game.

See you in game boys and girls

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