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well whats "permanent" in reallife? a house? can break down^^ a car? same like everything else^^ for me life is all about enjoing myself and there you use money for everything^^ but yeah its going into a strange direction for a gameforum so lets quit this :D


People are free to do as they please with their own resources (time/energy/money) and to accept the consequences, if any. Everyone is an individual and fun is relative, as are most things. Not much else needs to be said on the matter - so, "speaking of the topic", how about that Lightning Bolt?


@ AOP - I understand you share your opinions about the game on here. Some might be useful, some are just pure rubbish.

But seriously, complaining about RL stuff and purchases and stating that spending money on cinema is questionable? I think you should just shut up and remain hidden in your little room and just enjoy your Lightning Bolt mount.


i enjoy my lightning very much and i guess we all agree that everyone has different things that pleasure him and so results a different way of life etc
as long as soemone is happy it cant be totally wrong


Spoiler Spoiler

stating that spending money on cinema is questionable
ofc it is, why pay for something that can be enjoyed free on the internet without noisy ppl ruining the film...?


so some completely different question, some of you may know the lightning-video from russian allods which is introducingte lightning; there is a part where the lightning shoots 2 times at a rumble (moloch) and these 2 shots 1st unmount the passenger and 2nd sot almos kills him, how is this possible?

at ~ 1:19



Last day, some noob carry me in its noob mount and i spent whole bg by spamming the shoot like a no-brain, we were both unkillable and uncatchable.

Now pvp is even more polluted by this kind of mount :cursing:

But np for pollution it's good for buiseness, thats the most important so who cares?


Gz to all new owners of thunderbolt! [including you frees ;)]

If this isnt the most satisfying ss you ever saw idk what is...

Bitty, LadySu, GliTchY, Starwolve, Freestile

lol even NPC's can get this mount, just pathetic

direct buy is cheaper as always :P

Yeah, if you have 6 million gold laying around... Seriously, AH prices have become increasingly ridiculous since the server merges.

....and if someone opens over 400 boxes and doesn't get the mount, than this is simply means that the people who come up with these kinds of sales are even more ridiculous. I opened up 20 boxes and got pretty much nothing, so i quit spending cash on this trash.

I love this game, but damn people... There's better stuff in the real world to spend your money on.
This is buiseness : manipulating brain's people. It works well as you see, even in virtual world :S




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I will message this to Gwiniel directly but for those who also wish for information about the Thunderbolt mount ill post here :)



The target takes 104k damage which nearly kills him, I'd have to assume no gear.

His mount has 1.334.386 hp, so the damage would be 15% of that, (1334386 * 0.15 = 200157.9) approximately 200k damage. 2 shots would be about 400k damage, which means that Rumble only had 260k hp? Unless one of the shots was a crit, in which case it had 460k hp? I don't have a Rumble to compare with unfortunately.


rumble = ~ 902.041 HP (and a bit more at Lv11)

so it most likely is no gear and maybe rumble is level 1 & hungry or something....

actually this part of the video was so impressing and now we discover it was a fishy demonstration :pinch:

but the interesting thing is, that in a BG i was also able to shoot down a rumble with 3 or 4 shots, so its not so far from reality, however killing the passenger then was a different thing

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