Conquer demonic power!

New class: demonologist

It is time to master the art of forbidden magic! The path of the Demonologist awaits those willing to become a monster in order to defeat monsters!

Shifting in the heat of battle, these adepts of secret arts can assume any of the three demonic forms with unique abilities.

Demonic warriors are unmatched in flexibility. Drawing energy from the Darkness, they fight for the good of the Light!

New location: Sogot

It is time to travel to Sogot, a forgotten allod which has become a refuge for demons freed from Sarn’s influence.

Here you will meet the Demonologists who oppose ruthless Demon Hunters... The fractured allod will soon be lost to the flames of war: even in the face of their common enemy, the Inquisition and Demonologists continue to fight. How is it going to end?

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