Born in the struggle between chaos and order, Aoidos will become a true sensation for other nations of Sarnaut. This majestic and wise race was granted a source of divine power.

Will they use it to bring wars and destruction to the world, or let all living things benefit from it?

Find the answer in the capital of the new civilization as your faction’s ambassador, or create your own Aoidoi character and learn mysteries that are concealed from strangers!

Orders are networks that unite players from all servers. Order members can vote to choose bonuses that will affect the whole Order for the next 24 hours. The more actively you participate in the Order’s life, the more privileges you get.

In addition, each Order will have its own leaderboards and contest activities, including a trial that will reveal the strongest representatives of each class!

New areas

Can't wait to start treasure hunting or fighting other players in the PvP arena? Don't worry, these activities will become available to you just after several hours of developing your character! Starting from level 20, you can visit Distortions, Astral allods, and participate in PvP activities. In battles with higher-level opponents your equipment will be temporarily upgraded. This is a great way to earn experience, too, and works for both new players and Incarnations!

This winter we have something more for you than just a New Year event: a whole island of winter entertainment! Play snowballs, build snow fortresses, ride a flying board in a downhill race, and many other fun activities - whatever your level is.