Update 8.0.1



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New server

Triple experience for killing monsters (always!).
Easy access to Astral on level 75.
Runes of level 8, riding furnace, Holy Weapons for everybody!
A race with terrific prizes for the winners!

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Dionic Games

The Aoidoi people invite the heroes of the League and the Empire
to challenge each other in an epic athletic competition!
Extraordinary trials await the participants!

Chariot race.
Gladiator games.
Flights on Pegasi.
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Minotaur's Labyrinth.

Descend into the mysterious maze created by the Aoidoi! Runes won’t help you here - you can only rely on your vigor and quick mind.

Move stealthily.
Distract the guards.
Avoid fighting.
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Observatory Raid

The encounter with the Dominus of Creation will enable the strongest heroes of Sarnaut to travel through time and space to participate in battles of the past and take a step closer to solving the Universe’s greatest mystery!

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A new type of equipment will replace legendary Proficiency - an artifact which gives unique abilities and passive bonuses. All owners of legendary bonuses from mini-season 8.0.0 will receive the new artifact right after the update is installed!

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Collector’s Sets

Make a glorious start in mini-season 8.0.1 with “Creation” Collector’s Edition! Its owners will receive items for comfortable gaming experience and exclusive accessories!

Labyrinth Guard’s Costume. Otter Pet.
Sealed Omnificent Core Morpher.
Replicators and tools.